A simple method used to diagnose your pet's underlying issues.

The Hôpital Vétérinaire St-Lambert is equipped with a full laboratory, allowing our team to carry out tests directly on-site and obtain results in less than an hour.

Blood testing is a highly versatile tool; it can be used for prevention, to detect or diagnose certain illnesses, to support medical monitoring and follow-up, and to obtain a variety of information about an animal’s overall health.

When is my vet likely to recommend a blood test?

Our veterinarians generally recommend blood tests for preventive or diagnostic purposes. During an annual exam, our vets will often recommend blood tests simply to obtain some reference values for your pet and to make sure your pet is in good health. If you bring your pet into the clinic with an unknown illness, your vet may recommend a blood test in order to make a diagnosis and decide on treatment to help your pet get better. It’s possible to focus on certain aspects of the blood test in order to gain more precise information about an area of concern. With our well-equipped in-house lab, we can perform a complete blood analysis for your pet including biochemistry, hematology, thyroid function and blood gas values.

How long does it usually take to get the results of a blood test?

Since most blood tests can be carried out in our on-site lab, the results are usually available in less than an hour.

Occasionally, your pet’s condition may require more advanced analysis. In these situations, we work with external specialist laboratories where the results are analyzed by pathologists. With this type of analysis, it will usually take a week to receive the results.

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